RUBI DIGITAL was founded in 2015, by Dwayne Hallager, for the purpose of building revolutionary websites to further the efforts of aspiring business professionals and entrepreneurs.

The history behind the name comes from a universal need of networking professionals to have websites and a positive online presence that works to their greatest advantage. The Reinvention of Universal Business Initiatives implies that website are products that are necessary to be successful in any profession. The nickname “RUBI” is also one letter short of “Rubik’s” in reference to the “Rubik’s Cube.”

“When the Rubik’s Cube was designed in the 1970’s, it became a complex intelligence tool that took the world by storm in the form of a puzzle. Only brilliant minds could solve the puzzle, thus it became a symbol of intelligence and determination for its solver. Similarly, RUBI represents a generation where knowledge is accessible, but disorderly, and offers distinguished solutions to solve problems in the job market for both students and employers. Thus, we’ve come to meet our own Rubik’s puzzle.”

“Our websites are built so that you can offer more value to your clients and give your business the competitive edge. Our process and technique focuses on increasing your value FIRST and then meeting your budget second.”

— Dwayne Hallager, Founder of RUBI Digital

To build websites that promote growth and improve the quality of life for our clients.

Our creative web design techniques help create a strong online presence for our clients, and ultimately allow them to build trusted, long-lasting business relationships. Our goal is for your website to reflect the growth and value of your business.

Our company was established to build websites for growing brands and expanding businesses. We focus heavily on creating websites that help our clients target specific audiences, attract visitors, and ultimately grow into the online brand that they've always dreamed of.

By working with our clients to deliver the best websites possible, we have assessed our ability to produce innovative projects to build a reputation with clients throughout and beyond the U.S.

Our web design process has been fine-tuned from years of customer recommendations and website testing, so that we could reach our client demands and build highly-anticipated websites for as many growing and expanding companies as possible.

"Our goal is the implement a worldwide system of content web management in an evolved manner that not only shows initiatives for investors, but offers better promise to entrepreneurs and small businesses. With RUBI DIGITAL at the head of web design and resumes of the future, wealth and success can become a possibility for all."

— Dwayne Hallager, Founder of RUBI Digital

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