Project Description

Glasshouse HR

Website Development
Graphic & Logo Design
Market Research & Analysis

Glasshouse HR

Glasshouse HR is a human resources consulting company that provides companies with mobile, flexible solutions to meet the evolving needs of most human resource departments.

About the Company

Our Challenge

Glasshouse HR has been a proud supporter of many industries. The goal was to create a website that provides corporate enterprises with employee training materials and resources to hire a professional consultant for on-site, specialized training in human resources.

Our Solution

Create a custom website solution for Glasshouse HR that performs well with desktop and mobile devices with flexible, creative, industry-competitive solutions to meet the evolving needs of most human resource departments.


The Logo Process

The team at Glasshouse HR needed a logo that was fun and expressive, but professional. Our research allowed us to determine that we would benefit from creating a logo with light tones of blue, green, purple and orange. We wanted to give the impression that training in human resources can be a great experience. As a result, we explored the following options for the logo design:

The Design

Building a high-performing website for human resources training in Atlanta, Georgia

Glasshouse has successfully provided programs many industries, including technical, retail, entertainment, restaurant & bar establishments, and more.

The Color Scheme


An awesome launch: New website design & logo

Following their website launch, Glasshouse HR began to expand their reach and target their desired client. The result of the project has led to several contracts and a successfully refined brand and website to support their future plans.