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MZA Legal

Website Development
Graphic & Logo Design
Content Creation
Design Planning

MZA Legal

M.ZA Legal was created to provide simple and affordable legal solutions to give you the clarity and peace of mind for small businesses, startups, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs.

Website Services Provided

Project Details

Website Development

Redesign Website

Digital Content Management


Logo Design

Rewriting and repurposing content

Website Research and Competitive Analysis

Graphic Design

Where we started…

Our Primary Challenge

MZA Legal provides legal services in an industry where most lawyers often seem unapproachable, unaffordable, or unable to think outside the box. The goal was to build a website that transforms the way people interact with attorneys by making professional legal solutions easier to access.

Check out this hilarious video of our client’s journey to branding…

(p.s. we didn’t create the video…but it’s relevant to the purpose of this project)

Understanding the problem

Our Secondary Challenge

The original website for MZA Legal presented challenges in branding, logo recognition and content design. Therefore, the new website was designed to meet the capabilities of presenting legal information in a creative and personal approach, while also providing information in an accurate and strategic manner for a network of knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy legal professionals.

Revising the mockup

Getting Started: Capturing the Client’s Vision

Our most important key to success in this project was capturing the client’s vision for the law firm’s website. A mockup was provided by the client; which, in turn, was used to create content and eventually compose various concepts for the design.

Copywriting and SEO: Law firm web design

Equally as important, the copy for our law firm website design, particularly for this project, needed to be accurate and engaging. We worked together closely with our client to recapture the core principles of the previous website copy. As a result, we delivered brand new, revised copy with headlines and SEO programming for law firm web design.

Rebranding: Adjusting the Colors and Logo

A ‘Fresh’ New Look

Our rebranding strategy for MZA Legal begins with a new logo that offers a sharper font with brighter, more intense colors. We wanted to stick within the “blue” color spectrum without abandoning the original color scheme altogether. In our process, we were able to compose a new style and look that suggests a professional style with a “fun” color scheme, which was both satisfying to our client and appropriate for a law firm.

Refreshing the Logo

The original name of business was stated as “MZA{+} Legal,” also known as “M. Zane {+} Associates.”

Original Logos


Brand Colors + Logo font selection

New Logo Concepts

Final Result: New Logo

Design Concepts

Graphic Design

Our graphic design strategy for this law firm web design project was our secret ingredient to help drive this project home.

Branding & Graphic Design: Creating Consistency

Our process for graphic design in this project led us to create visuals and imagery that were consistent with our newly created color scheme for this firm. As a result, we were able to create consistency between the branding and content in our design throughout the website. Some of our best graphic design work is detailed in our examples below.

Our Solution

Overview: Develop a website that providing legal insight with an entirely new, creative branding strategy. Find opportunities to rewrite content while also extending the possibilities to drive traffic from targeted audiences.