Who We Are

for The Government,
To Serve People,
By Creatives.

Helping the government serve people with digital technology.



company Overview

RUBI Digital is a creative agency for website design and graphic design services. Our primary NAICS codes are 541511 and 541430.

We provide digital media and creative materials to the government to support programs that benefit the public. We also support small business enterprises, non-profits, and organizations related to government and/or public sector with services needed to make government programs and services easily accessible online.

Mission Statement

At RUBI Digital, our heartfelt mission is to revolutionize public and commercial services through meticulously crafted, intuitive digital solutions. Guided by a commitment to excellence, we bring together the creative brilliance of our team to redefine user experiences. By collaborating seamlessly with government and commercial partners, we aspire to create a future where digital services not only meet but exceed the expectations of every user.

Values Statement

In envisioning the future at RUBI Digital, we see a world where every interaction with government and commercial services is marked by innovation, accessibility, and genuine user satisfaction. We are on a journey to lead a transformative wave, shaping the landscape of digital solutions. Our vision is to be the catalyst for change, fostering a seamless, user-centric environment that sets new standards for excellence in both public and commercial sectors. Together, we’re redefining possibilities and creating a legacy of digital service innovation.

“”My only goal in leadership is to execute projects, partnerships, and build relationships with the community officials and government organizations we serve. We have a responsibility to serve others and our aim to to strive for that task everyday, leading with greatness.”


Owner and CEO

Built by creatives, Founded to serve

RUBI DIGITAL was founded with a client-first approach, applying creative thought and strategy to design projects. we take pride in working with organizations and individuals whose talents align with our desire to serve.

Seamless Design


We design graphics and websites with an adaptable appeal to all users.



We create materials for government programs and initiatives to serve others.



We create solutions that keep the attention of users with quality and utility.

Small Business


We empower small businesses with resources to promote growth.

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Dedicated Remote Team

We are operating as a remote team of creatives working together to serve you. With this approach, we are able to meet the capacity for both small and large projects with the best hands-on talent available to meet your objectives.

Accredited Design Agency
Minority- Owned Enterprise
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Certified through the NMSDC

Overview of Our Services and Capabilities

Our expertise lies in developing personalized computer programs, uniquely tailored to meet the specific requirements of government agencies. From conceptualization to execution, we specialize in creating software solutions that seamlessly integrate with and enhance various government operations.

As providers of computing infrastructure services, we ensure the smooth processing of government data, secure web hosting, and related IT services. Our commitment is to deliver reliable and scalable solutions that form the backbone of efficient government operations.

Our graphic design services are dedicated to transforming government communications. We excel in crafting visually compelling materials, making complex information accessible and engaging for a broader audience, ensuring impactful visual communication.

Our marketing consulting services go beyond strategy; we collaborate to develop comprehensive plans aimed at promoting government programs. From story crafting to audience targeting, we specialize in creating effective marketing strategies that resonate and connect with diverse audiences.



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