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Websites and Digital Services for Local Government and Municipalities

At RUBI Digital, we’re committed to using technology and user-friendly design to empower state and local government projects. Now, we’re focused on expanding this impact across various platforms, flagship projects, and innovative experiences for effective solutions.

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The City of Coatesville

Welcome to the Ice Wolves, the coolest hockey team in town

Launched: jan. 2024

We’re an Approved COSTARS Vendor

RUBI Digital is authorized by the Department of General Services for the State of Pennsylvania to build websites for state and local government, including but not limited to: cities, townships, counties, boroughs, school districts and non-profit organizations under a special procurement system. The benefit of these websites are priced for best value; yet, they still BEAT the total cost of most outside vendors.

We are members of COSTARS

The goal for our organization is to become the choice vendor of your organization, providing the best value, and removing the need for a lengthy procurement process.

What is COSTARS?

For a limited time, under this system, we can provide a reduced quote for providing “modern” templated websites and lessen the cost of a new website for these organizations.

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Benefits and Use Cases of our Websites

New and Modern Website Design

Modern Website Design (Overhaul)

To keep the website current and functional over time, we establish a plan for regular updates and maintenance. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures residents always access the latest and most relevant information, creating a dynamic and evolving digital experience.

Responsive Mobile Experience

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Enjoy a seamless experience across mobile smartphones and tablets, making navigation effortless. We incorporate “responsive” design, so that your website will adjust to the screen-size of each visitor. This guarantees that residents can access vital information from their mobile device, promoting convenience.

Easy to Find Information

Intuitive Navigation

We simplify the journey to find desirable information for all users. Through research, we can anticipate the best approach to organize menus and content, ensuring residents can effortlessly navigate the website and locate information without unnecessary hurdles or confusion.

Quick Load Pages

Interactive Elements to Engage

Preventing user frustration with quick load times is our priority. We achieve this by optimizing pages and developing them with the latest software. Through advanced techniques and technologies, we guarantee that residents experience a smooth, rapid browsing experience, encouraging longer interactions with the site.

Assessible Forms and Applications

Informative and Engaging Multimedia

We can simplify resident interactions by redesigning online forms and applications. Through an intuitive design thinking process, we optimize form fields and layouts, making it convenient for residents to submit requests or participate in city programs.

ADA Compliance

Continuous Updates and Maintenance

We implement accessibility features to ensure everyone, including those with disabilities, can access and navigate the website effortlessly. Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond compliance, fostering an inclusive online environment for all residents.

More Services

Federal Government Services

Learn more about our digital services and NAICS codes in Government Contracting for Federal Agencies and Organizations. We are currently in a pending status for our 8(a) certification.

State Organizations and Programs

Find out how we can provide digital services for State programs including website design, graphic design, A.I. chatbots, document software, and more.

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Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Running a small business in the government marketplace? Let us create your website and branding for government contracting.

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